Monday, April 29, 2013

Thai Chicken Burgers

Low Fructose / Gluten Free

These burgers are so quick and simple to make, I made them the other night for friends and they were a hit! Packed with protein, they are even great the next day cold if you have any left over...

Makes approx. 8

3 large chicken breast fillets - chopped very finely so it can be easily moulded into a burger shape
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 1/2 tbspn of either fresh red chilli, seeds removed & finely chopped or dried chilli flakes (reduce this qty for less heat)
3 tbspn fish sauce
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh herbs - I used vietnemese mint, thai basil & coriander. The fresh herbs are the key to the beautiful flavour so use all 3 if you can get them. Keep any left overs to garnish the burgers
sea salt & black pepper to taste
coconut oil (for cooking the burgers)

Mix the chicken with all the ingredients (except the oil) 
Form the mixture into approx 8 burgers
Heat the coconut oil in a fry pan over medium heat
Grill each burger for approx 8 minutes on one side and 5 minutes on the other (cut the first in half to ensure cooked all the way through so you can adjust the timing if needed)
We served ours with some spelt bread wraps, tomato*, mashed avocado*, goats cheese, spinach, fresh herbs, grilled sweet potato* and a dash of sweet chill sauce*. They could also be served alone with bok choy, cooked spinach or mashed potato.

*note these ingredients do contain low levels of fructose so be sure to enjoy small portions

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