Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pork San Choi Bao

Low fructose / Gluten Free

Makes 12 cups

500gms lean pork mince
3 tbspn fish sauce (either sugar free or no more than 1% sugar)
3 1/2 tbspn gluten free soy sauce
1 tbsp seasame oil
1 tbsp finely chopped lemongrass
1 finely chopped large red mild chilli, seeds removed
2 tbsp of seasame seeds, lightly browned in frying pan
2 tbsp of rice wine
4cm of finely grated ginger
juice from 1 lime
12 iceberg lettuce cups

Heat a small amount of seasame oil in a large fry pan, add mince and brown (2-3 min)
Add rice wine then stir in ginger, chilli & lemongrass
Cook for another minute then add the fish sauce, soy sauce and seasame oil.
Cook for another 4 minutes until golden brown, remove from heat,add lime juice and stir through.
Spoon mixture into the lettuce cups and serve.


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